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Corrlinks: An ultimate resource for communicating Prisoners with loved ones!

What is – is an email system for the prisoners to communicate with family and friends using computer kiosk. During the period of imprisonment, it is difficult for an inmate to communicate with friends and family and for the outsiders too.


The US Federal Bureau of Prisons has developed the tool called TRULINCS (Trust Fund Limited Inmate Computer System).  Corrlinks allows prisoners to communicate with near and dears easing the loneliness and boredom

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Why Corrlinks useful? Not like the regular email

Corrlinks is the email system used to communicate prisoners with outside contacts, but unlike the regular email providers, where they can send emails directly to the email addresses. But in case of it creates confusion among new users on how to use the system and communicate with outside contacts.

In the Corrlinks system, when a prisoner puts outsiders email address, an email sent to the user by the system with the instructions on how to create a account. The recipient has to create / activate the Corrlinks account after that user have to log in to the account each time to communicate with the Prisoners. (TRULINCS) acts as a personal electronic message board between Prisoner and Outside contact and not like traditional email to send and receive emails directly.

Sending and receiving emails will not go directly to the users personal email box; in this regard,

Corrlinks login

To access CorrLinks services you can visit website,  or you can access corrlinks mobile for that you need to download the CorrLinks app, which is available on Android and iOS, although this requires a paid premium account.

corrlinks login and signup

To log in to Corrlinks Login Services one need invitation from Prisoner for creating and logging in. In addition, you will also need the inmate’s number and identification code. Once you setup your account, you can start using the service.

Corrlinks – Workflow – Steps to Follow

Below is the complete process to CorrLinks services to communicate with those outside contacts. Federal inmates to use CorrLinks Services with their family and friends and completely Free for the outside contacts.

The Federal inmate can upgrade to premium account for a nominal fee from their money earned through jobs done. Below is the work flow process on how to set up  CorrLinks account.

Step 1: Corrlinks Invitation from the Inmates

To communicate with federal prisoners, the user have to get invite from the inmate through email message to register on Otherwise, he will not be able to communicate with the inmate.

Corrlinks Invitation

The user will receive email in their inbox of the request sent by inmate. (Please check spam folder if not shown in in Box).The user need to provide email address and they submit it to the CorrLinks system. CorrLinks will send an email with the subject name of the inmate. The recipient has to click on the name of the prisoner in the subject box to proceed for the next step.

Step 2: Corrlinks Inmate Request

The user will get two crucial information in the email sent by the inmate one is the link for the Corrlinks Website and the second one is the Inmate Identification code. Please click on the link provided and it will take you to Login / Registration page.

Corrlinks Inmate Request

Step 3: Registration or Sign up

Click on Register button to go to the Sign Up/ Email Address and password page.

Corrlinks Registration or signup

Step 4: Corrlinks Sing up form – Signing up for the new account

Corrlinks Sing up form

Fill the name, email address and password to set and input the Inmate Identification Code. Please ensure to use the same email address you have provided to the Federal inmate or else the identification code will not work. Click the check box and click “Next” to continue. The user will receive a verification mail to inbox.

Step 5: Corrlinks Email Alerts – Enable E-mail Alerts

Corrlinks E-mail Alerts

System may ask you inmate’s identification code whenever required; you should click on the “Enable E-mail Alert” check box to get alerts automatically. Click on “Accept”. This will send alerts to your inbox whenever there is a message to you on CorrLinks. Otherwise, you will not know the messages received on Corrlinks unless you check regularly.

Step 6: Verification E-mail

corrlinks verification

The user will get verification email: “” with the subject line: “Sign up Verification Link”. Click on the link to for next step to proceed.

Step 7: Sign Up Verification Link

corrlinks verification link

A verification link is displayed and click on the same. It will take you to the Sign Up / Account Details page

Step 8: Sign Up / Account Details Page

Fill all the details in the signup page and then click “Next Button”. You will arrive at CorrLinks account page.

Step 9: CorrLinks Account Page

Now the user account created. Below is the step to send email to prisoners, which you have approved for communicating. Click on the icon Mailbox.

Step 10: Mailbox

You will find “New Message “button to compose your messages.

Step 11: Message Box

corrlinks - to message box

You will find drop down list in the “To” column in which you can select inmates to whom you want compose and send messages.

Step 12: Compose a Message

corrlinks send mail or message

From the drop down list, select the inmates you want to email by clicking the check box along the left side of their names. Click “OK”.  User will get “Pending approval” message when attempting email to inmate, in that case, User need to wait until the pending period is over before composing a new message to them. It takes one or two days usually.

Corrlinks Email Alerts Settings

The email sent by inmates will not be delivered to personal email account of the family or friends; the message delivered to a personal account inbox at the website.

Corrlinks allows setting for email alerts to the family and friends.

An Email will be delivered to a personal email account of user (outside contact) as an alert from the prisoner’s correspondent. The users receive notification of the email and can login to to read the new message.

System Limitations on Email

The has certain limitations on the characters of email to be sent. The sender’s can only send messages within 13,000 characters and words not more than 2000.

Whenever a user types, the character countdown indicator is visible on the screen and letters, numbers, even spaces also counted against the character limit.

Any email is limited to plain text, black text and attachments including photographs, other media types cannot be sent. If found any such content the correspondent will remove the same.

An inmate can send any number of email in a day and there is no limit for the day keeping in view of character limitation. If a user wants to send larger messages, they can send in the form of additional emails.

The final limitation is the message sent by prisoner will be delivered in 20 minutes and it takes around one hour to deliver prisoners message to outside contact due to staff monitoring of the message.

Corrlinks Cost for email

Corrlinks (TRULINCS) System used on chargeable basis, that prisoners have to pay for in order to send or receive messages, but for the outside contacts, it is free.

The prison authorities send an email and it will be printed and mailed to the prisoner; in this way the prisoner get the direct email access.

The cost per minute to use of the system is $0.05 and the prisoner has to pay the same from his pocket, and he can print messages at a cost of $0.15 per page.  Generally, the cost per sending one message for the prisoner is around $0.30.

The federal inmates earn $15 to $30 per month in the prison with various jobs in the prison. It is sufficient for them to pay for using the Corrlink services.

TIPS: What is the bottom-line?

Not all the prisoners may have access to the Corrlinks emails. If the prisoner confined for reasons of misused the computer any manner, they may not have access in future.

The secure TRULINCS system will give the access to the prisoner. The Corrlinks system does not provide access to the Internet directly. Correspondents deliver messages at the time requested by the prisoners, which may be as little as 2 hours, or up to 1 day or two, and they may review or reject any messages.

CorrLinks will not monitor messages sent by prisoners, nor received from the outside contacts, but sometimes prisoners communications can be restricted depends on the seriousness and situation of the case by prison authorities.

The users facing difficulty-using CorrLinks, they can visit the Frequently Asked Questions page on the corrlinks website for help, online support, or they can watch the YouTube videos, which helps how to use the corrlinks services and its features.

Corrlinks provide excellent customer support for its user, if you have any technical issues with the use of corrlinks site or Corrlinks app; please contact CorrLinks support at

Other useful services by Corrlinks

It is known fact that the federal prisoners are separated from outside world. Whereas some prisoners subscribe to newspapers and magazines. Prisoners are learning that online news are easy to read and can access them easily; there is increase in numbers who are using news services. For this, the prisoners can create their login, use the service using the TRULINCS account, and they can receive free email updates on latest and trending news of interests.

Corrlinks come up with five useful news services for the prisoners. To use the services on daily basis, the prisoner has to register the email addresses of the respective news service to their TRULINCS contacts with the Prison Authorities.

  1. The Law Offices of Jeremy Gordon a non-profit organization along with the partnership with The Law Offices of Jeremy Gordon publishes weekly newsletter related to the legal news for the prisoners. The news published in the website are legal in nature and useful for the prisoners and lawyers this includes useful analysis of Jeremy Gordon.

  1. Prison News Service is a popular website for prisoner legal sources. It has earned reputation for alternative communication for prisoners with the loved ones. Now it has come up with a useful service of delivering legal news articles 3 times in a week to the prisoners. They deliver the articles to the prisoners TRULINC mailbox.

They mainly focus on subjects that related prison reform initiatives and latest news of interest to prisoners.


  1. Leading Edge Research Team

Leading Edge Resource Team provides Attorney and Paralegal services. They offer legal     advices to the individual and families. They have come up with service that of providing insights of U.S. Supreme Court and Court cases. They also assist in legal matters, which are helpful for the federal prisoners. This service keeps prisoners updates with the latest federal laws and developments by U.S. Supreme Court.

  1. Legal Information Service

This is excellent service by the Lisa-Legalinfo to send various articles and legal updates to the prisoners on weekly basis. It post latest legal news and development of US Federal laws. Publishes newsletters and articles of interest to prisoners. It sends the articles related to latest legal developments and information about reforms by federal laws and updated prison systems.

Legal Information Service

  1. National Association for Rational Sexual Offense Laws (NARSOL)

The National Association for Rational Sexual Offense Laws (formerly Reform Sex Offender Laws) sends information and monthly newsletters to the prisoners who are convicted under sexual offenses. It will discuss about the laws and legislation concerning sexual offender restrictions. Also provides legal help for the offenders.


Finally, we conclude that CorrLinks is a useful resource for prisoners who are away from family and friends whatever may be the period from home.

It protects the interest and rights of the prisoners and keeps updated information and help to develop personal effectiveness and behavior among prisoners – it is easy to use and inexpensive, and may be one of the most efficient and effective ways to keep in touch with prisoners with outside world.